Problem that for developer who will made the task understanding take time T, while for not in area reviewer it will take 2xT — 3xT and will not guarantee 100% understanding. that’s why in most of the cases such reviews will not give any result, it’s just work duplication without profit.
And another question is why some dev should understand AI part of code while he never will code even a line of code there? Just to be in touch? What the reason of it?
Cross review tactic can work in small teams with not very hard code. in other situations i didn’t saw any profit of it.

Sorry i mean only CD, it’s just we always used them in a pair.

Did you measure the profit of such code reviews on you team? I mean how team accept it? does it give them something that can acquit the time spent? And does it real more efficient then teaching meetups inside the team?



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