2D Convolution

Simple example of algorithm logic

For running convolution we need 2 things: input matrix with shape (Batch, Channels, Height, Width) and kernels of our convolution with shape (Out Channels, Input Channels, Height, Width), for each input channel we use different kernel.

Iteratively we get part of the input matrix with the size of kernel and…

Most of the things you should to know about React-Native in 2020

Best Practices

Platform-specific styles


Platform-specific modules

For example, say you have the following files in your project:


You can then require the component as follows:

import BigButton from './BigButton';

Use React-Redux and for more hard cases React-Saga

It will make your logic more predictable and straightforward that will…

Computer Vision is the widest and most highly paid area in Machine Learning. While it solving many hard tasks, Object Detection is one of the most popular as it used in robotics, drones, self-driving cars, satellite analytics, photography, video production, etc. And today we offering you the Number One Practical…

Andrey Nikishaev

Machine Learning and Computer Vision Researcher. Founder LearnML.Today

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